Phenomenon Media is a story teller and photo journalism company was founded by Christopher de la Orta, Bachelor Communications, graduate from ITESM. With a background in arts and music Christopher belives all life aspects has beauty. Creativity vs responsibility are two values that can works better together. Phenomenon Media was born in 1998, with more than decades, we have enough experience and we are experts for journeying your exciting adventure, and capture all your event details. Storytelling is the way of art and interconect to the people. We work for international companies like HP, Natura, General Motors, Amway, Genesys, Suzuki, Biocodex, LG, Samnsung. Almost some of the most important meeting planers works with us, like, Eventos y Convenciones, Corad, BCD, Carlson Wagonlit, American Express. We love to be part of your life, we love be part of your event. Please contact us and tell how we can help you. Thanks to read.

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